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Item Calories
/ each
Fat Protein Carbs Sugar Sodium
Asian-Style Box- Small Beef*† 280 Kcal 4.66g
Sat: 1.59g
Trans: 0g
14.23g 43.86g 1.98g 50.71mg
Asian-Style Box- Med Beef*† 349 Kcal 6.23g
Sat: 2.10g
Trans: 0g
18.83g 53.19g 3.91g 79.48mg
Asian-Style Box- Large Beef*† 502 Kcal 9.26g
Sat: 3.14g
Trans: 0g
27.56g 75.12g 4.9g 108.66mg
Asian-Style Box- Small
265 Kcal 1.77g
Sat: .45g
Trans: 0g
16.81g 43.86g 1.98g 54.58mg
Asian-Style Box- Med Chicken*† 329 Kcal 2.38g
Sat: .58g
Trans: 0g
22.27g 53.19g 3.91g 84.64mg
Asian-Style Box- Large Chicken*† 472 Kcal 3.48g
Sat: .87g
Trans: 0g
32.73g 75.12g 4.9g 116.4mg
Cheezy Grilled Wrap-
Cordon Bleu, Small
471 Kcal 27.46g
Sat: 11.07g
27.91g 27.79g 6.1g 1079.42mg
Cheezy Grilled Wrap-
Cordon Bleu, Large
669 Kcal 41.44g
Sat: 15.05g
35.73g 38.9g 12.05g 1644.58mg
Cheezy Grilled Wrap-
Chicken Club, Small
449 Kcal 27.16g
Sat: 11g
Trans: .05g
24.52g 26.73g 6.1g 778.97mg
Cheezy Grilled Wrap-
Chicken Club, Large
764 Kcal 51.44g
Sat: 21.29g
Trans: 0.1g
38.37g 37.69g 12.19g 1404.57mg
Cheezy Grilled Wrap-
Philly, Small
471 Kcal 34.08g
Sat: 10.99g
Trans: .03g
21.51g 19.45g 1.33g 644.93mg
Cheezy Grilled Wrap-
Philly, Large
809 Kcal 65.02g
Sat: 21.1g
Trans: .06g
33.78g 23.13g 2.64g 1143.16mg
Cheezy Grilled Wrap-
Southwest, Small
327 Kcal 17.61g
Sat: 9.56g
Trans: 0g
23.24g 18.33g 1.33g 388.66mg
Cheezy Grilled Wrap-
Southwest, Large
587 Kcal 39.35g
Sat: 18.44g
Trans: 0g
35.87g 22.49g 4.04g 701mg
Original Jackʼs Wrap-
Small Chicken*∆
314 Kcal 5.1g
Sat: 1.21g
Trans: 0g
20.71g 46.4g 3.7g 199.17mg
Original Jackʼs Wrap-
Large Chicken*
453 Kcal 6.92g
Sat: 1.6g
Trans: 0g
29.19g 69.21g 6.21g 233.16mg
Original Jackʼs Wrap-
Small Beef*
309 Kcal 5.5g
Sat: 1.5g
Trans: 0g
18.55g 46.4g 3.7g 189.2mg
Original Jackʼs Wrap-
Large Beef*
447 Kcal 7.46g
Sat: 1.99g
Trans: -
26.32g 69.21g 6.21g 219.88mg
West Coast Wrap-
Chicken Caesar, Small
368 Kcal 24.06g
Sat: 4.86g
Trans: 0g
18.82g 18.38g 1.24g 659.39mg
West Coast Wrap-
Chicken Caesar, Large
544 Kcal 40.89g
Sat: 7.47g
Trans: 0g
23.54g 19.31g 2.03g 1011.07mg
West Coast Wrap-
Chicken Ranch, Small
301 Kcal 17.94g
Sat: 3.13g
Trans: .11g
15.48g 19.13g 1.41g 398.6mg
West Coast Wrap-
Chicken Ranch, Large
466 Kcal 33g
Sat: 5.55g
Trans: .22g
20.3g 22.49g 2.83g 643.83mg
West Coast Wrap-
Chicken Souvlaki, Small
212 Kcal 6.23g
Sat: 2.18g
Trans: -
17.33g 21.27g 3.75g 263.11mg
West Coast Wrap-
Chicken Souvlaki, Large
281 Kcal 9.06g
Sat: 3.59g
Trans: -
23.87g 25.82g 7.19g 337.94mg
West Coast Wrap- Go
Veggie, Small
285 Kcal 17.91g
Sat: 4.98g
Trans: .07g
7.08g 24.77g 4.58g 514.05mg
West Coast Wrap- Go
Veggie, Large
473 Kcal 33.78g
Sat: 9.51g
Trans: .14g
11.52g 32.87g 8.77g 889.27mg
West Coast Wrap-
Singapore, Small
187 Kcal 3.74g
Sat: .92g
Trans: 0g
15.94g 21.88g 1.95g 181.0mg
West Coast Wrap-
Singapore, Large
247 Kcal 4.76g
Sat: 1.18g
Trans: 0g
21.5g 29.25g 3.39g 205.55mg
West Coast Wrap- Mexi Beef, Sm 305 Kcal 17.95g
Sat: 6.78g
Trans: 0g
16.15g 19.39g 2.52g 326.97mg
West Coast Wrap- Mexi Beef, Lg 463 Kcal 31.09g
Sat: 12.1g
Trans: 0g
24.39g 22.58g 4.86g 502.95mg
Sub- Beef, Small* 346 Kcal 10.33g
Sat: 5.03g
Trans: .05g
21.66g 40.33g 3.67g 696.8mg
Sub- Beef, Large* 694 Kcal 20.63g
Sat: 10.04g
Trans: .1g
41.19g 81.16g 7.62g 1266.12mg
Sub- Chicken, Small* 331 Kcal 7.44g
Sat: 3.89g
Trans: .05g
24.24g 40.33g 3.67g 700.67mg
Sub- Chicken, Large* 662 Kcal 14.83g
Sat: 7.77g
Trans: .1g
46.17g 80.75g 5.51g 1269.89mg
Sub- Club, Small* 329 Kcal 7.45g
Sat: 3.9g
Trans: .05g
23.83g 40.35g 3.76g 811.66mg
Sub- Club, Large* 656 Kcal 14.84g
Sat: 7.79g
Trans: .1g
45.33g 80.79g 7.51g 1491.87mg
Sub- Veggie & Cheese,
267 Kcal 6.15g
Sat: 3.53g
Trans: .05g
11.92g 40.33g 3.67g 673.88mg
Sub- Veggie & Cheese,
536 Kcal 12.27g
Sat: 7.05g
Trans: .1g
21.71g 81.16g 7.62g 1220.28mg
Kids Grilled Ham &
298 Kcal 16.17g
Sat: 8g
Trans: -
19.88g 17.41g 0.15g 1036.19mg
For Large Asian Soup
(add to box of choice)
134 Kcal 3.8g
Sat: 1.4g
Trans: -
2.6g 23.8g 3.0g 3384mg
For Medium Asian Soup
(add to box of choice)
67 Kcal 1.9g
Sat: .7
Trans: -
1.3g 11.9g 1.5g 1692mg

* Sauce not included in this calculation - see the sauces section
† For Noodles: Small - add 132 Kcal, Medium - add 148 Kcal, Large - add 214 Kcal
∆ For Rice: Small subtract - 41 Kcal, Regular subtract - 74 Kcal


Each portion is 1 Ounce.

Item Calories
/ each
Fat Protein Carbs Sugar Sodium
Southwest Sauce 34 Kcal 3.5 g
Sat: 0.9 g
Trans:0 g
0.3 g 0.8 g 0.7 g 39 mg
Tzatziki 16 Kcal 1.3 g
Sat: 0 g
Trans: 0 g
0.5 g 0.8 g 0.8 g 7 mg
BBQ Ranch 49 Kcal 4 g
Trans: 0g
0.4g 3.6g 3.6g 88mg
Hickory BBQ 10 Kcal 0g
Sat: 0g
Trans: 0g
0 g 0 g 2 g 3 mg
Caribbean Jerk 1 Kcal 0.03 g
Sat: 0g
Trans: 0g
0.04 g 0.13 g 0.09 g 189.35 mg
Caesar- Garlic Lovers 78 Kcal 8.33 g
Sat: 0.74 g
Trans: .03 g
0.42 g 0.68 g 0.39 g 106.5 mg
Sweet Chili Sauce 4 Kcal 0.11 g
Sat: 0.01 g
Trans: 0 g
0.16 g 0 g 0.46 g 4.5 mg
Dijon Mustard 14 Kcal 0.96 g
Sat: 0.15 g
Trans: 0g
0.9 g 0.81 g 0 g 198.79 mg
Honey Garlic Sauce 65 Kcal 0g
Sat: 0g
Trans: 0g
0.06g 17.71g 17.65g 0.86mg
Honey Mustard Dijon 55 Kcal 4.07 g
Sat: .37 g
Trans: .03 g
0.11g 4.96 g 2.75 g 175.99 mg
Mayonnaise 100 Kcal 11.07 g
Sat: 1.2 g
Trans: 0 g
0.15 g 0.38 g 0.07 g 79.23 mg
Mustard 11 Kcal 0.63 g
Sat: 0.1 g
Trans: 0 g
0.14 g 7.03 g 5.91 g 179.18 mg
Orange Ginger Sauce 35 Kcal 0.67 g
Sat: 0.04 g
Trans: 0 g
0.14 g 7.03 g 5.91 g 100.08 mg
Ranch 75 Kcal 7.98 g
Sat: 1.24 g
Trans: 0.06 g
0.16 g 1.04 g 0.38 g 126.88 mg
Salsa 5 Kcal 0g
Sat: 0g
Trans: 0g
0.25 g 1 g 0.75 g 127.5 mg
Thai Sauce 16 Kcal 0.65 g
Sat: 0.09 g
Trans:0 g
0.23 g 2.35 g 0.94 g 233.4 mg
Szechuan Sauce 19 Kcal 0.94 g
Sat: 0.14 g
Trans: 0 g
0.47 g 2.81 g 0 g 178.13 mg
Teriyaki Sauce 87 Kcal 9.05 g
Sat: 0.78 g
Trans: 0 g
0.16 g 1.25 g 0 g 98.87 mg
Tyaki Sauce 52 Kcal 4.84g
Sat: 0.44g
Trans: 0 g
0.19 g 1.79 g 0.47 g 166.13 mg
Honey Mustard Ranch 65 Kcal 6.02 g
Sat: 0.81 g
Trans: 0.04 g
0.13 g 3.0 g 1.56g 151.33 mg
Cajun Sauce 1 Kcal 0.03 g
Sat: 0 g
Trans: 0g
0.04 g 0.13 g 0.09 g 189.35 mg
Curry Sauce 37 Kcal 3.25g
Sat: 0.46 g
Trans: 0 g
0.09 g 2.79 g 0 g 116.25 mg
Pineapple Curry Sauce 14 Kcal 0.6 g
Sat: 0.3 g
Trans: 0.05 g
0.48 g 1.68 g 0.84 g 97.2 mg
Butter Chicken 24 Kcal 1.76 g
Sat: .47 g
Trans: 0g
0.63 g 1.51 g 0.72g 56.46 mg